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The CEO’s Compass – French business environment flash report

I am launching a new, regular tool today, called the CEO’s Compass. The issues of this regular business environment flash report will tackle political risks, ongoing legislation, economic and regulative controversies in France – so that companies can always be prepared for what is to come.

The CEO’s Compass will be published every 4-5 weeks, according to the rythm of French politics and economic policy. Special risk alerts will also be added when necessary.

In the first issue (8 pages) you can read about the most recent developments of the French business environment:

  • Key provisions of the new health care law that affect businesses,
  • Problems with the “Duty of Care” proposal that will affect most multinational companies and threaten them with fines up to 10 million euros,
  • Tax breaks for industrial investment,
  • The internal intelligence bill that will most likely force internet access providers to handle their clients’ data to government officials,
  • The legal controversies around Uber, and the ongoing debates in the passanger transport industry.

You can download the CEO’s Compass – French business environment flash report with just two clicks here:

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If you are interested  in receiving the flash report on a regular basis, subscribe here and never miss an issue:

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