Eszter-Petronella SOÓS PhD

Industry, legal, social and data research

The legal framework is important for all businesses. I can help you with a comprehensive research & analysis of the business environment.

And what about politically motivated compliance issues? What about unexpected legislative and political plans? What about progams, policy ideas that often become law in a blink of an eye?

This is where I can really help your business. Usually political programs and ideas do not really become law in a blink of an eye. Politcians talk. Write articles. Publish books. Give interviews. Give speeches. React to opinion polls. And most politicians are more honest than people tend to think they are if you know how to put together the pieces!

Based on these resources, prognostics are possible so businesses can be prepared. Based on these resources, party profiles, candidate profiles are doable. They can give you a foresight and an insight that help you to navigate the business environment with a grown confidence.

Thus your compliance efforts will be facilitated as well.

Industry, social and data research

Besides the aforementioned services, I can also help your business efforts with:

  • industry research,
  • presentation and interpretation of social statistics,
  • of opinion polls,
  • sociological research,
  • regular press reviews,
  • industry specific news alerts,
  • and industry specific risk alerts.