Eszter-Petronella SOÓS PhD

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is…

predetermining long term goals, then constantly coordinating them with short term moves and communication activities, allocating existing resources, working in order to acquire missing but necessary resources, and constantly reviewing the process as it progresses.

As a consultant, I cover a wide range of issues from end to end:

  • Determining long-term goals in cooperation with the client;
  • Determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT-analysis);
  • Analyzing external factors that might be affecting the client’s situation;
  • Opposition research;
  • Analysis of competitor strategies;
  • Taking stock of existing and necessary resources;
  • Designing of a resource allocation strategy;
  • Positioning, and message development;
  • Communications strategy;
  • Scenario analysis (worst, likely and best case scenarios);
  • Regular reviews.