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  • A gunpowder barrel: labor reform á la Macron

    A gunpowder barrel: labor reform á la Macron

    True to his words, President Macron has started negotiations to provide a foundation for further labor reforms. The labor reform is nothing else but a big gunpowder barrel. Hollande’s own labor reform already upset the unions last year – and also led to serious demonstrations. So. What happened so far, what can we expect from…

  • 48. Disappointing growth, suffering tourism

    48. Disappointing growth, suffering tourism

    Economic success would be necessary for President François Hollande to reduce unemployment and to legitimate his 2017’s re-election bid (and people also want that growth badly – for obvious reasons). But outstanding economic growth remains a mere dream. As it recently turned out, GDP growth (on a year-on-year basis) was exactly zero in the second…

  • 39. Why the French economy matters – more than you think

    Common wisdom says that incumbents get reelected more easily when the economy is booming. Also, they are more often fired by electors when the economy is in trouble. A whole series of 2008 incumbents can confirm this: the Republican Party (and John McCain) in the U.S., the Labour Party (and Gordon Brown) in Great Britain,…