49. French government intervenes to save iconic Alstom industrial plant from closure

Sarkozy’s “affairs” and Hollande’s book are certainly interesting and entertaining for those interested in French politics. The “big issue” of September, though, is the planned closure of Alstom’s TGV industrial plant in Belfort in 2018. The announcement of Alstom has forced almost all political actors to make resolutions. And the government came up with a fairly expensive one.

48. Disappointing growth, suffering tourism

Economic success would be necessary for President François Hollande to reduce unemployment and to legitimate his 2017’s re-election bid (and people also want that growth badly – for obvious reasons). But outstanding economic growth remains a mere dream. As it recently turned out, GDP growth (on a year-on-year basis) was exactly zero in the second quarter, while tourism is also Read More …

46. Governance is like Nutella

Many people think that public health taxes are good and useful. After all, people do not need that much refined sugar – moreover, the health care system does not need those diabetic patients either. The so-called Nutella tax also belongs to this group. The French, for their part, really wanted to tax palm oil, the main ingredient of the yummy Read More …

42. French Labor Code overhaul announced – but isn’t it too late?

The French Labor Code is legendary: legendarily long (3800 pages) and legendarily complex. No wonder that President Hollande announced earlier in October that his government would revamp the labor legislation. It was, without a doubt, time. The details were announced this week: the legal workweek would remain 35 hours long, but companies would have some room for flexibility through the Read More …

41. President Marine Le Pen?

A socialist MP, Malek Boutih has just scared everything out of his fellow socialists. In an interview he declared that Marine Le Pen was going to be the next president of France. It’s done, finito, fait accompli. Is he right though? Should we get used to a “President Marine Le Pen”? How far is the presidency from her reach?