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18. The Valls government starts to work

An agenda full of blank space

Looking through the predictable (publicly scheduled) events of this week, it is really-really difficult to foretell the main subjects and events that will dominate French politics. The new Valls government will most certainly be in the center of attention, but what else?

We know that PM Manuel Valls will visit Berlin on Monday to take part in a conference of the German SPD party, however, it seems that he will not meet Chancellor Angela Merkel. Thus there is no top level bilateral dimplomacy to be expected. But will Mr. Valls meet social democratic ministers? Will he discuss European issues with them? That might be an interesting question to ask.

We also know that PES top candidate Martin Schultz will be in Paris to hold an electoral meeting/rally with fellow socialists, but we do not know whether that will have a real political importance or not. After the nomination of Harlem Désir to the government, the Socialist Party has more on its plate than a simple electoral rally: they have to formally elect, select or appoint a new leader and make the electorate accept him or her (the interim firs secretary is not elected). When, according to opinion polls, an overwhelming majority is against Désir being in the government, that might be a though thing to do.

The Valls government in action

There is one thing that we know though: this week will be the first full work week of the Valls government after its nomination, and after the successful motion of confidence of last week. It seems that PM Valls began his work with energy and ardor, meeting and consulting social partners concerning the (recycled) economic agenda of the government. The continuation might be just as interesting. The Valls government starts its work right now: everybody is nominated, appointed, the Parliamentary confidence is assured. Let’s see what results the government can deliver…

If you want to download the weekly agenda, please click here: theweekinfrance16-2014.






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