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13. Three consequences of the 2014 French municipal elections

While attention is focused on Paris and other big cities, there are 3 possible consequences to the 2014 French municipal elections that we should also be talking about. This video is about those consequences. If you prefer a written version instead of watching the video, scroll below to continue reading!

It is important to know who the next mayor of Paris will be (as of now, Anne Hidalgo seems to be a safe bet, but we will know more tomorrow!). But there are other things worthy of attention when it comes to the 2014 French municipal elections. Here are three important possible consequences that you should be aware of.

Local positions are a good basis for all 2017 campaigns

This is so evident that we rarely talk about it: local positions are very important when it comes to campaigning and reaching out to electors. A good result this Sunday means a good basis for the presidential and parliamentary campaigns in 2017.  We should never underestimate the importance of local positions. Instead we should consider them as (indirect) campaign tools and political resources. The more the merrier!

Socialists to lose Senate majority?

In 2011, for the first time since 1958, socialists and their allies managed to secure a majority in the Senate. And in 2014, they might lose it again, especially if they come out of the municipal elections beadly beaten. What is the relationship between the two elections? According to the French constitution, senators are elected indirectly. Electors are mostly local officials, mayors, local representatives and so on and so forth. So if opposition parties wins the municipal election, they will be well on their way towards reclaiming the senatorial majority as well.

2014 French municipal elections: a boost for Marine Le Pen’s party?

Marine Le Pen’s National Front is increseangly popular. According to some opinion polls, the National Front might even win the European Parliamentary elections in May. Therefore the municipal election might also be a pre-campaign boost for the FN. As radical parties as expected to expand their presence in the European Parliament, we might as well say that the 2014 French municipal elections might have not only national, but also European consequences as well!





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