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3. The week ahead in France: new & free

“Prediction is difficult, especially if it’s about the future”

You know the saying, right? Well, it is a common place, and of course 100% true. Perhaps it is even more true when it comes to politics.

However, not all is lost. You can try to shape the future, you can prepare for the unknown or you can at least try to predict what might happen.

So let me help you get prepared!

Every week, in a short background note, I deliver all that is openly out there for us to know about the future in French politics: the Week in France note (see the first issue here) might facilitate your life, whether you are a political actor, an investor, a researcher, or somebody who is interested in French politics (like my univ students, yes, this is for you, too:).

It’s free, it’s useful, so click and grab a copy of  The week in France note right now.

I hope you will like it – don’t forget to drop by Twitter or Facebook and tell me what you think! 🙂

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