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  • 44. Labor Code: now everyone’s unhappy

    President Hollande’s effort to overhaul the Labor Code does not go according to plan. Opinion polls and facts show that the French are rather against the modifications proposed by the government, trade unions alike. And now, ladies and gentlemen, employers also join them in contestation.

  • 42. French Labor Code overhaul announced – but isn’t it too late?

    The French Labor Code is legendary: legendarily long (3800 pages) and legendarily complex. No wonder that President Hollande announced earlier in October that his government would revamp the labor legislation. It was, without a doubt, time. The details were announced this week: the legal workweek would remain 35 hours long, but companies would have some…

  • 20. Stability pact: the week of the vote

    This one is going to be quite a short week – three days of business as usual, then the traditional Labour Day festivities and manifestations. Stability pact: a crucial vote However, during these three days, the Parliament will discuss the stability program of the government and will also vote on it. PM Valls is expected…

  • 19. Austerity, when popular: the French just love Manuel Valls

    The parliamentary speech of Manuel Valls, and the austerity package announced afterwards has shaken the French political elite up. The moderate right finds itself in the most delicate situation: French citizens are in favor of the Valls austerity package (we are talking about a big, nice majority). And they just love the new Prime Minister,…