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20. Stability pact: the week of the vote

This one is going to be quite a short week – three days of business as usual, then the traditional Labour Day festivities and manifestations.

Stability pact: a crucial vote

However, during these three days, the Parliament will discuss the stability program of the government and will also vote on it. PM Valls is expected to deliver two speeches in front of Parliament on Tuesday (one in the National Assembly, and one in the Senate), trying to convince all MPs to vote in favor of the program. The actual proportion of the vote will be interesting, because it will show the current balance of power: remember that there are at least 100 Socialist MPs who are not happy with the person of the new PM and with the economic agenda of the government, for they consider both the PM and his program to be too on the right side of the Socialist fence.

Labour Day

Givent the fact that Marine Le Pen’s National Front is quite popular, her traditional Labour Day speech will be more than interesting for those who follow French politics closely. Also, we are in the context of the European Parliamentary elections, so we should expect a combative Marine Le Pen this Thursday.

And when you are fed up with both the Stability Pact and Marine Le Pen…

… pay attention to the future of Alstom. Who will buy the company? GE? Siemens? We will surely hear about this issue during this short political week. (President Hollande is to meet the President of GE this Monday.)

Check out the weekly agenda here: theweekinfrance18-2014.





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